Assoziation Dämmerung auf der Communist University 2014

Auf der diesjährigen Communist University, die von der Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) organisiert wird, werden wir zwei Vorträge beisteuern:

Animal Liberation and revolutionary Marxism – two sides of the same coin?
Animal Liberation is still a red rag for the majority of the left although even the Collected Works of Marx and Engels—not to speak of other marxist intellectuals like the Frankfurt School or Rosa Luxemburg—give a lot of hints that man and animal share a common history which needs to be regarded from a materialistic point of view and the exploitation of nature and of animals as we know it is the product of the capitalist mode of production and not an end it itself. Discussing the political aim to free not only the animal in the human and to reconcile man with nature but the animals from the harm they have to suffer because of the current social relations leftist often fall back in anti-materialist, ahistorical—idealist—discourses historical-materialists should have overcome a long time ago. Even though there had been so called objective reasons to exploit animals in the prehistory of man today there is no other argument to keep justifying the suffering and killing of millions of sensitive creatures as well as there is no other reason for the exploitation of the working class than the profit of the ruling capitalist class.

The German left and its ambiguous attitude to the renaissance of German imperialism
While the political representatives of the German ruling class, particularly the German president Joachim Gauck, Secretary of State Frank Walter Steinmeier (social democrat) and Minister of Defense Ursula von der Leyen (christian democrat), frankly demand that Germany ought to take over „more responsibility“ in international affairs and show what they have in mind in the recent conflict in Ukraine, the German parliamantary (DIE LINKE) and non-parliamentary left has given up anti-imperialism standpoints step by step. Especially by referring to the atrocities of the German fascism and the discourse of humanitarian imperialism Germany’s neo-imperialism has been legitimized and disguised up to the point that—ironically—the German national government currently can support a fascist movement in Ukraine. Members of parliament of DIE LINKE however voted for the first time since its creation for the deployment of German soldiers to a mission outside of their homeland (in the Syrian conflict) while some non-parliamentary forces, mostly considered as leftists, support the foreign policy of Western governments as a part of an „anti-fascist mission“ against „islamic fascism“.

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